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Trail running is more than just off-road running. It is deceleration from everyday life, the trail is the goal! It is primarily about experiencing nature, challenges and adventure. It doesn't even have to be high mountains. You can find trails everywhere: in the forest, in the meadows or in the hills.


 No other sport gives the same feeling of maximum freedom.
You can plan your off-road, even if only in your trail running shoes, decide where and how fast to go. When you run you are far away from everyday problems and stress: body and mind are absolutely in harmony. That is what makes it so fascinating!
You can do trail running as a competitive sport or just for fun, after work or in the weekend. It doesn't matter whether it's 10 or 100 km off-road, both are the same sport.
 Trail running


Start slowly, speed comes on its own

The body should first get used to the new effort on uneven terrain (cushioning of the shoes preserves the ankles and joints of the whole leg). If you want too much in short time, your body will suffer, this is neither healthy nor effective.
Take your time, 10 km on a mountain trail often takes twice as long as 10 km on the road.

Don't start running without technique and without a plan

If you are starting out as a novice, you should try with a guide or coach. When you run alone you can make a lot of mistakes, and the risk is that it takes a long time to correct them. It's all about not putting unnecessary strain on your body, which is why it's best to have someone watching you and giving advice.

Invest in your equipment

If you hit the trails with worn-out shoes or run long distances without proper hydration, you risk hurting your feet and generally it’s not good for your body. If you are just starting with trail running, it is important to choose a shoe that is also suitable for asphalt, so it will be easier to train gradually. There are three main features that a trail running shoe for beginners should have: cushioning, protection and stability.

Turn off your head and have fun

The right pace is your pace! The feeling to be found is a state of control without breathlessness, your eyes  should not be constantly on the heart rate monitor. Concentrate on the trail, play with the terrain and live in the moment!


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