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Today, eight years later, Scarpa is now a partner of this unique race, held annually each November. It is not just an excuse for another day on the trails. It’s a weekend dedicated to trail running with three distances on offer – a marathon, a half marathon, and a 12 km. Above all else, it’s a journey through a landscape that’s defined by these steep, terraced vineyards and the hard graft that goes into producing this often overlooked wine. There is a multitude of reasons that we’ve locked this event into our calendar:
All three routes take you through local wine cellars. From large to small, the twists and turns entangle you in the area’s rich and historic wine culture (we’re talking Roman times and some argue that Valtellina is the true home of the Nebbiolo grape). Some wine cellars are spread over numerous floors, whilst others consist of a small, dimly lit historic cellar (these are our favourites, you’ll see why). If you’re lucky and not focused on a result, there is often a chance for a sample.

Valtellina boasts the steepest terraced vineyards in Europe. During the race you’ll follow in the footsteps of history, getting a feel for how generations have toiled to create these small areas of wine production that ramp up steeply on the south-facing slopes. They set the stage for a race of constant ups and downs, something that only increases its charm.
As an annual appointment in November, Valtellina Wine Trail is seen by many as the final race of the year, meaning that when you reach the finish line in Sondrio’s Piazza Garibaldi you’ll be embraced in a party-like atmosphere; the locals celebrate the event, whilst the runners round off their season in a fitting style.
The Valtellina Wine Trail, born out of a bet over a glass of wine, is an event you can’t miss.

See you in November in Valtellina!



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