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Three girls, one destination: Arco!

Irina, Anna and Katja describe their rock trip in Italy in three short stories and a lot of nice pics!

A rock trip to Arco described by three different point of view

Katja Andreeva a.k.a. Pharmacist

“I’ve been climbing since.. always!  I don’t really remember my first training or rock trip6 my parents are climbers as well, so it’s a family thing.

But I remember my first big trip to European rocks.
It was Arco, I was about thirteen.
There were tons of iсe cream, pizza and great walls, that seemed endless.

And now, 12 years later, Arco is still in my top of trip list.
Definitely I see the only major problem in rock climbing for me is to make choice where to go.
And Arco is a place, where I would go happily any time.”


Anna Tsyganova, a.k.a. Tsyga, European Speed Climbing Champion

“Arco. This place means a lot for each climber and for me as well.
Here I had my first medal on the senior world competitions (2nd on world champ in 2011), celebrated my birthdays, had really nice impressions of these rocks, nature, views and climbing mentality that flying in the air.
This trip wasn't like other. My old dream of little girl comes true here to be a part of pro photo shooting as pro climber.
Finally the stars align and a big part of Russian SCARPA team came to Arco.
This shooting shows my real climbing life, out of speed wall, competitions circuit (after shooting I successfully lose the speed world cup placed 7th), architect-student's busy life and very fast time of living.
It shows a lot of fun and beauty of Russian girls on Italian cliffs

Yep I'm not Adam Ondra to climb extremely hard grades, instead I have boobs :)

Having fun and enjoying life, because that so nice to cross the cliff about 30 meters to hang on belay stations above the lake, sharing your time with the best people in your life, burst out  laughing when Chicha lost the carabine in watery doom, exploring Arco's roofs, cooking pasta for tired girls in the evenings, and just being yourself!
Thanks SCARPA for inspiration and for brilliant performance at one of my dreams!”


Irina Kuzmenko a.k.a. Chicha:

“Since the first day of my climbing I felt that it would become a big part of me and will show how to be a real warrior. Climbing it’s like answer  for all questions and pill from any problems.
Almost like 7 years continuing my love with climbing (hopefully the mutual :)
For me its about creativity and movements - reliable tool. I would call the rock canvas? – Yeah! But its different for everybody and abstract from the ground.
I am a student, studying the German language, traveling and looking for something new and bright as every youngster, but in my “Pandora”  I keep climbing, projects and special intentions, which made me a bit adventuristic and yeah, for sure free.Alles ist Supergeil, klettern weil!”



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