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The Steppen Playlist

Music suggestion from Matteo Eydallin

Everyone knows Matteo Eydallin for his performance in skimo races. The guy who manage to win three times the Mezzalama Trophy, 4 golden World medals and tons of others competitions is already a legend in the sport. But what about his taste? What he listen during the hardest training?
The steppenwolf of the skimo World scene give us some suggestion about music.

Prepare the hearcuffs and listen to the ultimate Steppen Playlist!

Do you listen to music during the training?

Do you listen a lot of music everyday?
Basically everyday.

Do you prefer to listen music with the stereo, driving the car of with the earphones?
The stereo is the best, I’ve got also a record player at home, but unlikely I use more headphones and the stereo’s car.  

Do you sing in the shower?
No. I don’t.

Best song for the pissed off moments
It depends, but probably some line of the Domenica delle salme of Fabrizio de Andrè makes the trick.

A quote from a song
It's from George Brassens and we can translate with something like that: "Time, don’t solve anything, when you are 20 years old or when you are granfather if you are an idiot you remain an idiot"

Best song for pushing hard during the hard training
Eye of The Tiger from Survivor seems too ordinary to say. Some psychedelic stuff hoping to enter is a good trip

Best song for suffering
Hurricane by Bob Dilan

Worse song impossible for you to listen
The list is too long… don’t want to bother you!

Best love song

La Nymphomane by Georges Brassens

Best song for chilling on the couch
Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield's

Song you want to dedicate to all the Steppen that work for SCARPA
Take the Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed


And now the ultimate Steppen Playlist:, enjoy!

For the non-stop plylist click HERE

L’hexagone, Renaud

Le bistrot, Brassens

Pride and Joy, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Let There be More Light, Pink floyd

L’orologio, Punkreas

Pat Garrett&Billy the kid, Bob Dylan

West Coast Idea, Clapton 

Le poinconneur des lilas, Gainsbourg

April, Come She Will, Simon and Garfunkel

White Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane



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