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Stormy Patagonia with Doerte Pietron and Sarah Hart

Heavy rain, constant winds, cherishing and sharing every single moment together

Two women and a big dream. Doerte Pietron and Sarah Hart share with us their last experience in Patagonia, enjoying their friendship and climbing together.

After several seasons with exceptionally good climbing weather, the last two have been back to the Patagonia of the olden days, with much rain and the constant wind the area is known for. It is as if these mountains were trying their best to recover the air of impossibility they once had.

My partner Sarah Hart is a climber from western Canada who used to come here regularly, but she took a break for few seasons. Initially she is taken aback by the bad weather, she recalls a much sunnier, user-friendly Patagonia. Sarah is one of my favorite climbing partners. It often feels more empowering and comfortable to climb in all-female rope teams, the camaraderie is special and the dynamics are easy.

We have big dreams, but reality crushes them pretty fast. All the same we place a well-stocked cache and do short sections of the longer traverse we hope to attempt. In doing so, we get fitter and start working well together, becoming a well-tuned rope team.

Doing fast ascents of short routes during even shorter weather windows is not what we came here to do, but we cherish every moment. We make an effort to take a light-hearted attitude, laughing at ourselves, bemoaning the shitty weather and appreciating being out there no matter how insignificant the climb is.

We check the weather forecast compulsively every morning, hoping for a last minute miracle, but it has never materialized. In the meantime we hatch plans for the future, for places with far more stable weather.




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