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Stefano Fantuz is Italy’s long-distance trail running champion

Eolo Campo dei Fiori Trail (65 Km /4100 m D+): Fantuz finishes race in 6h45’46

Eolo Campo dei Fiori Trail (65 Km /4100 m D+): Stefano Fantuz finished his race in 6h45’46”, making him Italy’s long-distance trail running champion.

The race took off from Lake Varese and its breathtakingly beautiful trail led to woods filled with beech, chestnut, linden and mountain maple trees. 65 very challenging kilometres that included short but steep ascents which totalled an elevation gain of approximately 4000 metres.

The first thing Stefano said after the race was: “I didn’t know the trail but I did know my rivals very well, so I based everything on that. It was a really rough race, in the truest sense of the word - from the first to the last kilometre. Things only came together in the final 5 kilometres”




Photo: Alexis Courthoud,  Andrea Deambrosio, Davide Fiozzi




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