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The Queen of Tor joins Team SCARPA
We chat for a few minutes with Silvia Trigueros Garrote, the new arrival at Scarpa. Bear in mind that the runner from Abadiño counts among her numerous achievements a record-breaking win in the TDG, plus wins in the PicaPica, the Ronda dels Cims - with the 2019 record - she is also three-times winner of the Ehunmillak, twice in the top five in the UTMB and the CSP, and winner of the Travesera, the BUTS, Riaño Trail Nafarroa Xtreme, and the Trencacims or Sierra de Chiva.
Welcome to Scarpa, Silvia. Tell us, how are you feeling at the moment, and how's your training going?
Thanks for the welcome. Now I'm getting back into training, but gently; right now there are no races coming up, so I can enjoy myself.
This isn't a typical year, but what are your plans, if they don't get cancelled?
Well yes, this is a very unusual year, which is a shame, because I had a really interesting calendar lined up. At the moment, only two of the events I had planned to compete in haven't been cancelled or postponed: the PicaPica in France - one of the toughest races I've run - and the Tor des Geants in Italy, in September. If those two don't go ahead, I'll have to rethink the later part of the year, and try and find races I like, long distance and stages, maybe the CSP and the Llastres Ultra Trail, among others.
How do you prepare for that type of race?
Until recently, I'd plan the season using races to get ready for the Tor, combining technical routes with easier ones and clocking up many, many kilometres. This year, if the Tor goes ahead, from June to September I'll have to plan my training completely differently to before, but always working with my trainer, who has been great with the programmes we've planned.
Let's talk about feelings. Of all the races you've run, which one are you proudest of, and why?
Wow, it's hard to say. But if I had to choose one, I'd say the 2016 Tor, the first time I competed. I started out with great hopes, and I was really fit. During the race things went wrong and I've never suffered so much; I even thought about dropping out. But I made it, and even though I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, I finished the race and proved to myself that I could win over my head.
Tell us about your team. Who goes with you to each race (logistics, support, transport etc...)  - how does it all work?
My husband comes with me whenever he can, but it's increasingly complicated to balance my races with my kids' activities, so we prioritise two or three events a year where - particularly due to the distance or the hours involved - he always goes with me. We prepare everything at home - support points, food, equipment - and I only have to think about the running. For other races, since I don't like to go alone, I always try and team up with a friend who's competing too, and I nearly always manage to do that. For those events I sort myself out; I take everything I need and make do with whatever there is at the pit stops, I don't have any external support. I like doing it that way too, it's a way of getting to know yourself,
We at Scarpa are very proud and happy to have you in the team, but how does it feel to be wearing shoes that are leaders in mountain running?
At this stage in my career, one thing is very clear: if I'm not convinced about something, I prefer not to get involved. Over time I've realised I'm more and more keen on races that are considered mountainous and highly technical; tough races. And for that, I need to not worry about my shoes, I have to trust them completely; their grip, stability and robustness. Scarpa fulfils all these criteria, so it feels good to be wearing them.
Which model is your favourite? And which would you use for competitions and for training?
I really like the Spin Ultra - apart from their appearance, which is both eye-catching and elegant, they're very comfortable and quite lightweight. I love the design and grip of the sole; it works really well on any terrain. For training I'll be using two models: the Proton, more robust and hardwearing for more rocky terrain, and the Spin Ultra, for high-quality training that requires a little more effort.... In both cases, a lot of hours in the mountains.
What's your opinion of the shoes, and how do they feel after the first few kilometres?
Before I signed up with Scarpa I had to be sure, I had to know without any hesitation that the shoes were right for me, so I tried them out, first on grass and stones, with the famous Euskadi "sirimiri" fine but constant drizzle, and I looked for more tricky places where grip and stability are crucial, and finally in mud, which there's no shortage of here, and they did a great job in all these situations, so all that's left is to do kilometres... so they'd better be ready.
Is there a race you'd really like to compete in some day?
La Diagonal des Fous on Réunion Island - I've heard so many stories about the event and I'd love to do it in the next few years; it must be an incredible experience.
Can you give us a positive thought to finish with?
Do it because you want to and not for others, and you'll always reach your goal.

Credits: SCARPA Spain


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