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SCARPA®'S people: Nicolas Geydet, Plein Nord (France)

We are ready for the 31st Pierra Menta!

Nicolas Geydet is not just a part of the staff at SCARPA® France Plain Nord (French distributor for SCARPA® S.p.A.; he is also a great skier and alpine runner. 

Of course Nicolas will be at the next 31th edition of the Pierra Menta... but with a bib number on his jacket!
Here is a small chat  with Nico about the race of the next week. 
Good luck Nico!

How many times you did the Pierra Menta?
Two times

Why you coming back every time on this race?
Because Pierra Menta is mythic for a skimo racer and mountaineers passionate like me. When you do it one time, you can’t miss it anymore…..

What is the hardest stage of the race?
The hardest one is the third day. With 3000 meters of elevation gain and more than 30km to do…some sections are very technical with lot of ridge and complicated downhill. After three days you feel tired and weary.

Choice your 5 best moment and memories linked to the Pierra Menta

1: The best one: arrival at the summit Grand Mont by a very skinny ridge and more than 3000 persons who support you screaming!
2: The arrival on the final stage with my team-mate Leo. We did a very hard fight with others team and it was so much  fun!
3: All the downhill we did, Leo and I are a bit faster than the other teams. For earning a lot of time on downhills you must take risk and stay focused. We really love the long and technical downhill!
4: Pierra Menta is a stage race so you spend 4 days with the other teams in the hotel. There is a great  mood with everyone, you can share your memories and races stories. Pro skiers helps the rookies with good advices.
5: Last but not the least, the beer that you drink just after the final stage that is definitely the best you never tasted in your life!

You closed the race at the 51° position! That is a great result, especially for a non pro athlete. How many days do you train in a week?
Training for me is complicated because every week is different to the anothers. I am also a dad now so it’s difficult to have a regular training. I started skiing end of December due to the strange snow conditions of this season and I try to workout 3/ 4 times every week. I should arrive at the Pierra Menta with 35 000 meters of elevation gain overall. We guess to fight for the 50th position this year!

You are also a keen alpine runner. What do you prefer? The CCC or the Pierra Menta?
I like it both! The Alpine Running because it’s more about strategy, you must control your effort and adapt your speed especially for the long distance races. I like so much running during the night alone and spend time in the nature by myself

About ski mountaineering, It’s more about fun because race are shorter. From the start to the finish line you are at 100% of the effort and the goal is to resist…and, as you know, I love the downhill!

What’s your favorite Alpine Running race?
One of my best for me is the TDS 2012 (one of the UTMB races) because it was my first experience with the Ultratrail and the biggest fight against myself I ever had: 112km under the rain, wind and snow, but an incredible experience!

But my favourite is definitely the Misurina Sky Marathon! Dolomites are awesome and run around Tre Cime di Lavaredo is incredible. The course is very similar to a skimo race with hard ascent and very technical downhill.  The view are breathtaking, you run also on via ferrata. I will absolutely be there for  next edition!
The good vibes and mood of this event is great.


What Scarpa’s product do you use for skimo and what for running?
ALIEN 3.0 for Skimo because it’s so comfortable and efficient for skiing fast on downhill. For running I use both  SCARPA®'s ATOM for fast and dynamic trainings or race until 45km and NEUTRON for longer training or race.  With 6mm of drop you can run easily and have an incredible cushioning and the Vibram® sole has a great grip. The Neutron are the shoes I used for running the Misurina Sky Marathon last year.

One tip for someone who want to run the Pierra for the first time
Train a lot and not only skiing.  You must be ready to use material as bags, cranpons, skins and so. You must ski well on the worst snow condition because you ski off the slopes for four days and learn how to manage your alimentation during hard and long effort.

The Pierra Menta is seriously better than sex?
When you are at the top of Grand Mont and 3000 peoples are screaming and pushing you, it’s very similar….





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