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Passion and love for mountains for 80 years

We are ready. SCARPA® is going to introduce the new collection 2018 in Friedrichshafen, to tell a story full of passion and research with a clear vision of the future.

SCARPA® has a long story to tell, projecting itself in the future of climbing, running and walking, with a constant focus on research and innovation to face any challenge and reach new goals.

With the contribution of professional athletes, the vision of SCARPA® has always been contaminated by their experiences and feelings, in order to create the best mountain products ever.

SCARPA® was born in 1938 at the foot of Asolo and it’s still driven by Parisotto’s family. SCARPA® keeps developing, designing and manufacturing products made in Italy, close to important values as quality, innovation and reliability.

The OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen will open its door on Sunday the 18th of June and SCARPA® will disclose the new Spring-Summer SS Collection 2018 that celebrates the 80 years of the company, leader in the mountain footwear sector.


Each segment has been completely revisited; different models have been replaced by new products that will completely change the world of Trail, Alpine running, approach and climbing, thank you to the implementation of new technologies and techniques. 

A new point of view changed by the whole SCARPA® R&D team that put always much effort to create products closer to athletes and consumers.
Shapes evolve, new materials and technologies are introduced; better solutions are improved to combine design, comfort and reliability.


Since the launch of the revolutionary and multiple award-winning Ribelle Tech OD, SCARPA® has released an entire new range of “Ribelle” boots. With diversified technical features, to satisfy the needs of the most demanding enthusiasts, the Ribelle collection introduces the revolutionary “curved” shaping of the sole, popular among the new generation of mountaineers who love “Alpine style” speed hiking.


The Trail product range, which now includes Trekking, Backpacking and Hiking, has been completely revised to offer a new and appealing collection. Different shapes match any type of fit, the use of new material improves comfort and together with the innovative design all this makes the new Kailash series and the ZG collection - both comprising of 3 different models – the flagship products in the world of mountaineering footwear. The Hiking collection, on the other hand, continues to support and push towards a fast and dynamic approach to hiking on terrains that are easy and not too challenging, pairing the winning Hydrogen provided with Gore-Tex Surround technology with the new “Hike” model in the Mojito productrange, a shoe that stands out for its new and appealing modern design.


Revolutionary. This range, which revisits the famous Mago, has seen many technical updates and product changes: the introduction of the SR version in the Instinct line, an entire new range called Maestro and the launch of the new Furia S, an ambitious project part of the Drago and Chimera lines, which will completely revolutionise the way of climbing. Four new models, all presenting completely original and innovative technical solutions, will enable to raise, once again, the performances of climbers.


Mescalito signals the opening of a new way of conceiving Approach. Developed for a new generation of climbers who demand lightness, cushioning and versatility, SCARPA®, will introduce Mescalito's specific features and benefits that will surely make this into the must-have footwear for the coolest climbers.Its secret? Find out at Friedrichshafen Outdoor Show or follow our daily presentations on social media. The first clue is the LiteBase technology developed with Vibram.


The entire Alpine Running collection is constantly evolving and developing. Small but crucially important changes will improve the already successful products that are part of this range, as well as introducing significant new technologies, the aforementioned Litebase by Vibram for example. These and other solutions will be presented at the Outdoor Show. The research into shaping and lines, together with the use of new materials, have all contributed to the development of trail running footwear that will get you on the podium.


This collection never ceases to surprise. These new models will become instant bestsellers. Two names stand out: Highball and Mojito Knit. They have been created with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, those who do not want to give up being active in their everyday life.


This collection is 100% dedicated to a younger generation of enthusiasts who love open-air activities or are looking for a sports shoe that is both comfortable and cool, ideal for school or family outdoor trips. SCARPA®, with its new KIDS collection, confidently introduces itself to those kids who will become the hikers and climbers of tomorrow.



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