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Saul Padua interview

Meet this really fast guy!

Hi Saul, nice to meet you. Introduce yourself
I'm from colombia, I'm 23 years old, I like the mountain running.

You are very good both on skyrace and vertical k, what do you prefer and why?
I like both, all the mountain races are special for me, I like to run on the mountains go up and go down, I began in the vertical and some short races then with more endurance I've done more sky running races.

Sierre Zinal is a hard and historical race, 31 kilometers and 2200 meters of elevation gain. Are you ready for that?
I'll try to do the best, it's very good race, I like it,if I have a good day, I can do a good result.

What about your training. How many days in a week?
I train all the 7 days in the week, I sometimes train twice per day, slow to recovery and sometimes fast and hard.

Have you got a specific diet?
I usully eat nature food, vegetables, fruts, good protein and carbohydrates, with a good balance, I use some supplements like vitamins, minerals and drinks with balance, it is usana my  supplements sponsor.

Your dad too was a top class skyrunner. Who is the best between you and him?
It's very hard question, there are two eras, before my father trained  and  he worked with few sponsors, he tryed to do the best  he did the best like father,worker, athlete, my coach,with few support, and he did very good result in the several races, he is an excellente person in general, and now I have the opportunity to run more professional, more concentrated in my goals with all father's experience. He helps me a lot, if I could be better than him, it is for all the support.

Which is your favorite race? And the one you would love to win?
There are  many very important races, I wish to win, sierre zinal, or a world championship

How can someone run a vertical kilometer in 34 minutes and 04 seconds?
With dedication,good trainning,love to run on the mountains.

Favorite junk food?
The ice creem or chocolate.

How do you recover after a race?
I sometimes go to a swimming pool, I like to relax to change the activity, it's good for mental and fisic, with cold water to recuperate after a training.

What are your hobbies when you are not running?
I like to do sport, I sometimes swim, I take my bike to do a nice route, when the training or activity is slow I like to go with friends and chatting, I sometimes walk to see the landscape when it is slow and take pictures.

 Next goal
Improve, be a better person and athlete.

what features must have a shoes for skyrunning?
From this season I've started to use SCARPA. I'm very happy with the result, the shoes need  to be light, comfortable, strong to go down very fast on the rocks and good quality, and good grip on dry and wet terrains.

Skyrunning in just 3 words

Mountain technicale routes.



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