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Ribelle Tech OD, the super-lightweight mountaineering boot designed by Ueli Steck and Hervé Barmasse, is finally available

Winner of the prestigious 2017 Product of the year ISPO award – a boot that was designed for mountain guides and the new generation of mountaineers who are seeking speed and lightweight qualities.

A fast boot that is high-performing and lightweight with a new shape designed to be fast: this is the next step towards the future for mountaineers and professionals in the mountain industry who wish to stand on the cutting edge of any situation.

A true change of perspective.

For the very first time, we can start off from the valley floor and make it to the top of the mountain without changing boots.

Essential to the design of the Ribelle Tech OD was the collaboration of our friend Ueli Steck, athlete and SCARPA ambassador who died a few months ago and with whom we had shared many ambitious projects and an immense passion for mountaineering since the beginning of his career, and Hervé Barmasse. The test stages in every condition and situation were carried out under the supervision of other great professionals of the mountain industry such as Giampaolo Corona, Michi Wohlleben and Francois Cazzannelli. Here is their feedback:

"The first prototypes followed by a few modifications and then the satisfaction (at last!) of wearing a mountain boot destined to revolutionize – yet again - the way we approach and climb mountains  thanks also to the collaboration with Scarpa and Ueli. A boot that is versatile and lightweight , that “breathes” with you  and keeps your feet warm. With just one product you can take on any type of terrain – from mountain trails to via ferratas – including the classic ascent in the Dolomites and even the highest peaks in the Alps. Personally, I wore it all the way up to an 8000 metre altitude for ulterior proof of the quality of this boot”.  
Hervè Barmasse


“I was given a pair of Ribelle Tech ODs to test last spring right after I had spent a long winter recuperating from an accident I had had during the Kimshung expedition. I just looked at them for a few minutes. To tell the truth, I had never held climbing boots that were so lightweight and with such a unique shape and design before in my life but the first thing that popped into my mind was that I could climb very quickly with them. In my opinion, this is a boot that I could recommend to climbers who are looking for something that guarantees speed and precision in terms of support as well as something that can be worn for various purposes since it is so versatile and comfortable. Many mountain guides are already using them on a daily basis for the very reasons I listed above”.
Francois Cazzanelli


“I had a chance to use the new Ribelle Tech OD during my recent expeditions on Gasherbrum I & II from late June to early August 2017. I chose them for the transfer from the Base Camp (5000 metres) to the high camps. I used them both with and without crampons and in all weather conditions – from sun to rain and even snow. I wore them below Base Camp level at times, along rocky fast trails. The boot is compact and lightweight, easy to wear and immediately comfortable and precise. I recognize the worth of its excellent breathability and warmth. I used the Ribelle Tech OD from medium altitudes (where I ran authentic “races”) to altitudes as high as 6500 metres”.
Giampaolo Corona

“There were no surprises for me first time I used the new Ribelle Tech OD since I had already tested the first prototypes with Ueli Steck. I think that the Ribelle Tech OD is a very versatile boot and perfectly suited to any situation that presents itself here in the Alps – from the most technically challenging walls to the harshest climate. I am very satisfied with both its sturdiness and its structure. When you remain in the mountains for long periods of time like I do, it’s important to have the possibility of wearing a product that feels more like a comfortable running shoe than a pair of heavy, stiff mountain boots”.
Michi Wohlleben





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