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Ribelle Tech OD is Product of the Year at the 2017 Ispo Awards

The super-lightweight boot will revolutionise the world of mountaineering – from the valley floor all the way to the top of the mountain without ever having to change your footwear.

Ribelle Tech OD, a new concept in footwear, is the result of the technological and innovative combination of the running shoe and mountain boot. It offers mountain aficionados a new standard of comfort, performance, durability and quality.

A change of perspective for mountaineers. For the first time ever, we can start off from the valley floor and make it to the top of the mountain wearing a boot that guarantees the finest performance out of a mountain boot, the lightweight quality of a running shoe and the comfort that no other product on the market can compare with.

This was made possible by reworking the tradition of mountaineering products while examining the project from a completely new point of view: combining the characteristics of a trail runner shoe on the top of the boot with a lower section that can deliver the performance and demands of a climbing boot.

Ribelle Tech OD won the prestigious ISPO AWARD as «Product of the Year 2017» in the «Outdoor» category at the ISPO Munich.

The collaboration of two mountaineering champions like Switzerland’s Ueli Steck and Val D’Aosta native Hervé Barmasse was essential to the design of the Ribelle Tech OD.

The goal of our Ribelle Tech OD is to deconstruct preconceived certainties and broaden the horizons of those who love and experience the mountains.

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