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F1 Evo

EVOlution in progress… the new and evolutianary F1 Evo.

Innovation is our mission; to listen to our customers, our enthusiastic users, our athletes, is the starting point of any project.
We know that the evolution is a work-in-progress concept, it can’t be stopped. You can try to understand all the needs: dream first, then plan and design something that is the answer to future needs, even before the current needs.

This is what we do every day, within our team: we work in order to maintain our leadership in the winter backcountry activities. A success achieved through decades of innovative projects often starting from dreams that seemed impossible to come true. Dreams that become ideas and then projects and products. We know that, without leaving the paved way, no progress is possible tomorrow.

We were considered fools when we took the plastic materials into the Telemark world, introducing the bellow.
We were ahead of the time when, anticipating the skitourers needs, we brought that bellow into the F1 and we wrote a page of history of the Skialp world.
We don’t consider evolution just a challenge, but it’s the natural result of our work; it’s not a set goal but it’s our everyday commitment for what we do: always following the constant change of the winter outdoor activities, strong on SCARPA®’s DNA.

The EVOlution is a product with high performances downhill, comfortable and light uphill. Simple and handy. The EVOlution is just a click.


In the picture below, the F1 EVO WMN, designed to offer the same performance of the F1 EVO to all female alpine touring skiers. 

F1 EVO WMN has an Intuition thermoformable liner that is designed and built on a specific woman last to offer you the best custom fit and skiing performance.


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