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But in Nims’ case, before becoming a mountaineer, he was a Gurkha, a member of the Nepalese elite forces. So if his love of high altitude comes as a surprise, his steely determination and tireless resilience do not. In 2019 he successfully completed his “Project Possible 14x7”, which involved climbing all fourteen 8,000 metre peaks in a record time of six months and six days. But the challenge he’ll be taking on next season is the last 8,000-metre summit not yet climbed in winter: At 8,609 metres, K2 has been called by Reinhold Messner (and others) the most difficult 8,000 metres of all. In winter, technical difficulties add to the intensification of the environmental conditions. Cold, blizzards, avalanches; everything that makes K2 demanding to start with simply multiplies exponentially in winter. The concept of extreme mountaineering becomes real and tangible.

Always on the feet of top mountaineers, our Phantom 8000 boots will accompany Nims on what is considered the last great Himalayan challenge. Over the years the boot has become increasingly lightweight, comfortable and high-performance. It’s hard to imagine a better habitat for the Phantom 8000.

Mountaineering is a thing of visionary, stubborn people and peaks that are tougher than we can imagine. As long as someone looks upwards with dreamy eyes and believes in a seemingly impossible idea, there will always be another challenge to tackle, another route to attempt, another story of mountains and mountaineers to experience and tell. Go Nims! 


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