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Lifestyle mood

SCARPA®’s Lifestyle collection takes inspiration from the world around us.

Life experiences and passion are at the core of the creative process. As the result of the choice to follow emotions and the desire of quality, we have a versatile product that reflects our lifestyle.

The collection goes beyond fashion and beyond time, products are essential and comfortable.

Colorful and original, the new SCARPA® collection leads to great experiences and deep emotions. Our shoes are modern icons.

SCARPA® is more than just a style, it's a way-of-living where no place is too far.

Originality isn't shown off. Projects are long-lasting.
People are longing for true values to come back: quietness, simplicity, living close to the nature, the beauty of everyday experiences.
The aim is to find the meeting point of urban life and nature, of tradition and progress, of idea and creation.
A perfect fusion of manufacturing ability and fine materials with a unique design touch.

Optimism against sadness!

SCARPA® carries its knowledge of the sport footwear field into the lifestyle world. 
Classical lines with a modern taste constitute a modular and contemporary collection.
Cut, construction and details are main elements.
The silhouette is minimal.



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