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Life in a tent with Marko Prezelj

Discover the dark side of the mountaineering with Marko Prezelj

Mountaineering is not just about climbing. It's about waiting and days spent in the tent. Here we are in the darkest and the toughest side of the mountaineering.

Ps: all the wonderful pictures are directly from Marko

Climbing it’s hard, but waiting at the basecamp is harder, right?
Climbing is fun most of the time.  Base camp time is not so hard. Only when the weather is really unfavorable, then it can get a bit tiring

How many expedition you did during your life?
My first proper expedition was in 1987 to Lhotse Shar and since then I go on at least one longer climbing trip each year

How many times do you slept in a tiny tiny place with more people?
I don’t know.  In more than 30 years of alpinism I guess that I spent about one year in total on bivouacks and around four years on expedition trips

How you manage to spent your time in the base camp? What are your technique?
There is no special technique. Socializing with other people, reading, taking pictures …

How you survive in the tent life?
Living in the tent gives an option to be closer with nature and it’s elements. Sun, rain, snow, wind are integral part of living in the tent

Have you ever felt scared sleeping in the tent?
I was worried when the wind was very strong or it was snowing heavily. I sleep well in the tent

After how many time do you know everything about your rope-mate?
I don’t think that I can know everything about anyone – even myself

Do you play something when you are in tent? Do you read? Play card or something else?
When the energy is good, we listen music, read, watch movie, play games …

Do you ever spent a lot of days without can’t go outside from the tent?
As far as I can remember, it was three days in a snow storm when going out of the tent was just to clean the snow from the tent every few hours – preventing the tent to colapse under the snow

How you manage to go to the toilet?
Like most of other human beings. To pee it is nice to have a pee bottle, for the big need you have to go out and do the job

How you decide where to put your tent?
Safe and comfortable spot works. But comfort doesn’t always go well with safety

What do you do when all the books are already readed, e you don’t want to talk to your mate and you back is hurting because all the days spent on the ground?
I didn’t experience such situation yet

The beautiful aspects of the basecamp!
Being close with nature and friends.




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