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SCARPA at Outdoor by ISPO with the latest for SS20

Among the new items, the Rush and Maverick models for speed hiking, and Booster for climbing.

Here at SCARPA®, for over 80 years, we produces footwear for mountain and outdoor activities. The mission is to respond to the needs of athletes and professional testers, followers of the brand and everyone who loves the mountains. We will take part in the first edition of OutDoor by ISPO in Munich, with important new items for the Spring Summer 2020 season.

 We will preview new models in the most important footwear categories, with a focus on speed hiking, climbing and hiking, as well as new updates for the approach and mountain categories.

 The most important changes for SS2020 include Rush and Maverick, two versatile items of footwear specifically for a new market trend, fast hiking. They represent the ideal balance between a trail running shoe (light and reactive) and a hiking shoe (more protective, stable and comfortable).


Rush is characterised by the particular construction of the upper, which is developed as a single element together with the tongue, thus offering a perfect fit and the sensation that the foot is totally surrounded, avoiding pressure points. The lacing system begins from the arch of the foot and is connected to a system of strips to improve the wrap-around sensation and assist the micro-adjustment of volume in a single gesture.

But the true innovation lies elsewhere, with a new concept of sole, the Free-Dome a sole that re-invents the standard principles of comfort and cushioning that are currently found on the market. The sole is made up of a series of cavities with concentric rings that are capable of progressively absorbing the weight of the body in the specific anatomic pressure points on the foot.

As well as Rush, we will present other important new features: Maverick, versatile footwear for fast hiking. The microfibre upper guarantees both transpiration and protection, but the true innovation of this boot is in the sole. It is made up of 3 EVA inserts of varying density according to the required function (cushioning, protection and comfort) and a shank in TPU + a stabiliser moulded in a single element, avoiding torsion and rendering the sole more robust, as on more uneven terrains it needs increased support.

SCARPA® has created a new project dedicated to speed hiking, characterised by the DNA of the brand, expressing its excellence in the mountains.


Booster is inspired by its predecessors and it is a state of the art product for advanced climbers. Booster is a precision climbing shoe, but it is still flexible enough for smearing. The upper construction and the tension system concentrate on one target: combine performance, efficiency and comfort. Booster adapts to the dynamics of the foot in movement and gives direct feedback in any situation.

All this has been realized through functional placement of four different rubber compounds and the new heel system (PAF – Power Absorbing Fit). PAF distributes the pressure of the tensioned rubber and allows a better adaptation to individual foot shapes.

Booster featuring for its high quality materials (microfibre of the latest generation, Alcantara and four specialized rubber compounds (different density), it is highly innovative product, manufactured in Italy.


We widen our range with a new brand in the market of waterproof membranes: HDry®.

Thanks to the HDry® technology, the shoe has excellent waterproofing, transpiration and thermal insulation. The membrane is firmly laminated to the inside of the upper, rendering it waterproof and leaving no room for water to pass through. Rain and cold air are stopped at the outer surface of the shoe, while a generous layer of air surrounds your foot, keeping it warm and dry. The reduced thickness of the membrane and the special lamination method guarantee a very precise fit and sensitivity while keeping the shoe dry and light.


The Ribelle range represents a further step towards the future for mountain climbers and professionals thanks to their construction and above all to their lightness.

The Ribelle S HD boot is perfect for fast mountaineering. Precise and sensitive, it is studied and produced with a roll that favours performance and speed thanks to its extremely reduced weight. Just 880 g for a pair (size 42).

Ribelle Tech HD is an ultra-light and fast boot studied for technical mountaineering. Just 1,240 g for a pair (size 42).

Ribelle HD and Ribelle Lite HD complete the family of boots that undoubtedly mark a new frontier in the mountaineering sector thanks to their extremely reduced weight.

We increase the approach category with new colours for the best-seller Mescalito.

Mescalito KN, the model in knitted fabric and dedicated to summer hiking on mixed terrain. Presented in two colour combinations for men and another two for women, Mescalito KN, characterised by the exclusive SCARPA design with different thicknesses, ensures lightness, maximum transpiration and protection.

The model Mescalito represents perfect technical approach footwear for “vie ferrate” and mountain hikes. Suited for Alpine guides and rescue thanks to its comfort and versatility, it is also suitable for a very wide range of users due to its winning features of comfort, performance and protection.

This latest model is accompanied by the low version, and a mid version with a Gore-Tex membrane suitable for all weather conditions.

Lastly, in the Urban Outdoor category, we will present the new Kalipè Free, a new version of the Kalipè approach with a more casual look, suitable for those who want to stand out as lovers of the Outdoor world even in the city.




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