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Hand tights, hugs, friends, the first beer

Davide Grazielli tells how his vision for running has changed after the amazing Western States Endurance Run

He has been the only Italian at the Western States in 2017. His passion for 100 miles races gives gooseflesh. For those who loves this kind of competitions, the Western States Endurance Run, in California, is one of the best ones.

One month after the race, that took place the 23th-24th of June, Davide Grazielli tells us how his relation with running.

How your vision of running has changed after the Western States?

It has changed a lot after the first time I did it in 2012. The first time it was similar to a discovery of a new world, new landscapes and people. This time I feel like I’ve started a personal journey, probably due to the difficulties that you have to face. You always change after a race like this one

What do you learn after a race like the Western States?

Many things. There are details that you understand little by little after days or weeks. You remember that moment when you thought to be unstoppable, when you were crossing a river or when you were singing a stupid song for two or three hours, or the smile of a volunteer and you feel glad.

Just after the race I feel empty, like I have nothing more to do or to give. I feel disoriented.

Then you remember hand tights, hugs, finally sitting on a chair, friends, the first beer and you feel satisfy. 100 miles are a great trip.

The pleasure of running has changed from the beginning?

The concept is always the same, to have my own space and to feel good. I hope this will last for ever. Rationally, I’ve always tried to eliminate the unnecessary, to bring essential equipment, to become logical about paths. We should be simpler and easier. You have to be essential for running for 20 hours. I think this is freedom.

How is important to have a clear vision, a personal goal to follow? What’s yours?

The research is the real goal. But of course you have to know your limits, to find inspiration. My kind of vision is about being honest, not obsessed about running, ethically correct and have lot of fun!



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