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An attempt of widespread diffusion of internet fraud has been detected recently: websites, Instagram and Facebook profiles presenting SCARPA® products with promotions and discounts up to 70%.

Distraction or ignorance can yield disastrous results. Using your good sense is essential in order to avoid falling prey to fraudulent websites. As is the case in real life and traditional stores, it is also important to choose the “place” to make your online purchases very carefully.

Should they see this type of promotion on the web, SCARPA urges its customers to NOT buy the products offered and to use only the official sales channels available on the website


How to recognise a fraudulent website

We suggest you check the following conditions whenever you are about to make an online purchase and/or share personal information related to your account and credit card:


Could this discount be for real or is it too excessive?
You can always find a good deal, but no authorized SCARPA retailer would sell at a 60-70% discount – not to mention at an even bigger discount. The first rule is to never hurry into any online purchase and to be wary of an offer that sounds too good to be true!



Does the website/social network page have a dependable name and URL address?
If you notice a sponsored message, check who has posted it. Don’t trust addresses or domains with vague or ambiguous wording. SCARPA® is not opening an “Official Online Store” at “”!


Does the website in question have a good reputation?

It’s always a good idea to read the feedback these dealers have received and to be on the lookout for negative reviews. Look up reviews from other buyers on Google: write in the name of the website + reviews or opinions.  If the website has no reviews or does not show up in your search results, it is most probable that the site is not a reliable one.

Is the information about payment methods written clearly?

Check if you can pay by prepaid credit card or PayPal. Prepaid credit cards make it possible for you to limit the damage of the amount charged to your account (in case of cloning); by using payment systems like PayPal, you can make your purchase without having to share information regarding your card. Fraudulent websites almost never let you pay with PayPal.



Is legal information about the retailer easy to find

A website must have the same references as a real store. Make sure the website provides a VAT code, a landline telephone number, a physical address and further company contact information before concluding your purchase. A website that doesn’t provide this information probably doesn’t want to be traced and might have something to hide.



Are there authentic contact points?

Beware of generic forms that do not provide real references for contacting the dealer.



Does the website adopt HTTPS protocol?

From a cyber security viewpoint, some pages are under the protection of international systems such as SSL and SET: they can be distinguished by the padlock icon on the location toolbar and “https://” preceding the domain’s name.


If you need assistance or you have any doubts, we suggest you report the fraudulent website to us at:



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