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Winter is coming, here's how to train with the frost

The SCARPA® team's athletes tell their secrets to keep fit despite the snow. Because there is always a reason to run.

You wake up in the morning and it's already cold in your room. Look out and see the bad sky.

The temperature is around zero, sometimes plus five, others minus five: but it is the wet cold, the one that enters in your bones and scares you. The earth is wet, the rocks are slippery and in the mountains are covered by snow and ice but the crazy desire to run doesn’t stop even in winter.

To leave the house, of course, you need the most attention possible to the equipment: warm layers, jackets, gloves are essential and not  just gadgets to keep in the backpack if something happens.

There is to consider  the whole question of shoes: sometimes those used to run in the summer are not enough, in some races you need special footwear or even crampons. But if you run in the mountains, you already know all these things. We therefore asked some SCARPA’s athletes their suggestions for training, despite the frost. Here they are.

 We start from the most "dirty" of all, the advice from Cristian Sommariva. "To those who ask me what to do to train during the winter, when the mountains are impractical - he says - I always recommend the cross country races because running in the mud is very training: in the spring you’ll see the benefits both on the road and in the mountains."

Then there is Matteo Pigoni, who instead simply suggests to change sport, at least for a while. "The thing that I can recommend is to do specific jobs in the gym to train your muscles for the descent," he says. "Ride a bike or do inline skates is another possibility. This is the problem for those who have no climbs in the nearby: they must always to find a way to diversify ".

Filippo Canetta has his own recipe too. And it’s based on the optimism. "We need to take the positive aspects of every season", he says smiling. "In autumn and winter it's not hot and you can do faster and more intense workouts even in a city park. If instead you have the opportunity to reach a forest, autumn has wonderful colors. Take advantage of it, even with the snow ".

Finally, there is the analysis by Davide Grazielli, who considers the winter a transition period where to find a different activity to detach mentally and physically after a busy season. The paradox for him is that Liguria is the perfect place to do meters in altitude, in a good temperature place. I haven’t a bike, and I don’t like swimming, so I change focus and instead of continuing to devote myself to long training, I start to do something completely different, while remaining in the beloved race. Every year I look for a challenge and I dedicate myself to that: the 10,000 under forty minutes, the mile in five minutes, the half-hour shot from the vertical ... anything that puts me out of my comfort zone. It is also the right time to devote more time to joint mobility, like stretching to do at home, in the warm and quiet. In March, your body will thank you, you will want to go out again and you will probably be faster than those who have continued to run for kilometers on kilometers all winter".



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