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Winning the World Cup: I spent a lifetime training to chase my dream

Anton Palzer is 25 years old, and has spent most of his life in the mountains, running or skiing. He is one of the stars of this start of the Alpine skiing World Cup season, and we asked him how he got where he is, and where we wants to go from here...

Hi Toni, we often hear you say: “the mountain is my life.” What does that mean? What is your special meaning?
“I’ve spent my whole life in the mountains, ever since I was a child. I was born in a small village, and as time went by the connection between me and the mountain grew closer and closer. When I was three years old I started skiing, and I immediately fell in love with the sport.”

It’s safe to say that you’ve competed in a lot of races: which race is your favourite, in terms of the course? And which one has a special place in your heart?
“Definitely the Mezzalama Trophy, without a doubt. It’s located in a spectacular mountain massif, the race takes place at high altitude... I really like it! Meanwhile, more than a single race, I have a season that I’ll never forget: before the 2017 World Cup I had heart problems. I thought my winter was over, and instead I came back and won three medals! It was an amazing feeling.”


And how’s this season going? How are you feeling?
“I feel good, I’d say I’m in great shape. I’m currently top of the general classification for the World Cup! My goal is to win the title of World Champion in the individual race, I’ve trained my whole life for this. I really hope that I can make this dream of mine come true!”




To win you have to train, and train hard. But there’s also a very technical aspect of it, both in terms of handling and in managing the ski skins. How much do you focus on these aspects?
“A great deal, changes in position are important, really key. There are plenty of strong athletes around, so every second counts!”


When attention to detail is paramount, you definitely want the absolute most out of your equipment, too! Tell us what you like in particular about Alien boots.
“They’re incredible boots, excellent for skiing downhill. They’re super light, and for the weight they are, they’re really very sturdy! Definitely the best boots around for Alpine skiing competitions!”


Thanks Toni, your passion for the sport and your spirit of dedication in pursuing your goals are a burst of energy for all of us! We wish you an intense rest of the season, packed with successes, hoping that you manage to make your dream a reality!



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