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Amazing Silvia Rampazzo onto the podium of the Trail World Championship

Third place and trail completed in 5h 11' 07".

Silvia Rampazzo got the third place the 10th of June during the Trail World Championship in Badia Prataglia, near Arezzo, completing the trail in 5h 11’ 07”.

The 50 km long Trail Sacred Forests took place in the heart of Foreste Casentinesi National Park with 2900 metres positive height gain, 266 athletes and 113 women, from more than 35 different countries, have joined this beautiful trail. The competition started from Badia Prataglia, the path presented the most technical part in the first 20 km and became faster in the second half; with 6000 metres of height gain, crossed the Ridracoli dam, La Lama and the tiny Pietrapazza church, the trail came among seven small beautiful Tuscan countries.

Stefano Fantuz got the 16th place, once more touching the public. 

We have asked to Silvia her feelings about the trail and the future.


This year has been a special one, you look good and you are competing with international top athletes. How do you feel?

Honestly, I am really tired before a competition, and I always feel stressed. Sometimes I can’t stand the expectations of people, but after the start I have fun and forget about all the rest.


How did you make it through the emotions?

I am really happy when emotions and efforts bring to good results. After the start, I am solo with the path, this is the real moment that allows me to complete the trail.


Which part of the path was more difficult?

The whole path was really nice and not technical. I could even consider it accessible to anyone. I wasn’t scared of any specific part.


Do you have plans for the second part of the season and for 2018? 

I don’t like to have plans, I prefer to be focused on present and I decide the next challenge depending on how I feel. This year is completely dedicated to my personal desires without having any ambition.


Which kind of training do you follow between competitions?

I go out for a one-hour run, I concentrate on the pleasure of running. I don’t like stressful training sessions. I have also tried some racetrack but I prefer to run off-road to find the inspiration. This is my life, my kind of enjoyment.




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