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I tore a page out of my diary and made a list of essential points for tackling this challenge we were setting ourselves. More or less, this is what I wrote:
- We want to ski all the (most important) mountains in Valfurva in one season.
- We want to do it our way, choosing the most appealing route to ski rather than the simplest, and we want to do it with our friends.
- We want to do things and find a way of telling the story. We want to tell the story not to talk about the “challenge” involved - which is nothing particularly new or difficult - but about the land we’ve decided to inhabit and explore.
- We want people to think: “Wow, I want to ski there too, to look around and find my route”, and we want to give these people the tools to do it.
- We want other people, in other valleys, to look at the mountains they see every day from a new angle.  With the same dream-filled eyes as we have. And we want to hear about their All You Can Ski menus.

Making a wishlist is useful, but it's not enough.
In a project like this there are endless variables that we can’t - and don't want to - control.
There are the off days, when you curse yourself and your stupid ideas. There are unexpected problems and days when you give up. There are other people, who you nearly always put first. There are days when you have to be selfish and forge ahead without looking back. And there’s life, apart from skiing. To date, we’ve skied 20 out of 40 peaks. 20 more to go until we can say “we’ve done it”.

But maybe, right now, as I bend double trying to catch my breath, I think “who’s made me do this?”, and I realise that along the way, the how is becoming more important than the what. That sometimes we need to decide the end of a story, just to find the strength to write it.
Valfurva All You Can Ski might end in June, once we’ve skied all the mountains in the area; but it might not.  Even after the story ends, there will be routes to be traced and mountains to be explored. By us, or by others.
Eva Toschi

Eva and Edoardo are a young couple from Rome who two years ago decided to establish their Base Camp in Santa Caterina Valfurva. They immediately fell in love with the place and above all with the mountains all around; but skiing wasn’t enough. They want to share, tell stories, give back - also in terms of local development - what this narrow valley in the Alta Valtellina is giving to them. Hence their VALFURVA ALL YOU CAN SKI project.

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