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2° Highline meeting Monte Piana

The second edition of the Highline Meeting Monte Piana 2013 has come to an end.

After nine days spent dedicated to highline, music and friendship at the base camp Carducci shelter, the second edition of the Highline Meeting Monte Piana 2013 has come to an end. There were more than a hundred young highliners who came from more than twenty different countries, from all over Europe and beyond, to take part in the event, organized by the A‐team, composed by: Alessandro dʼEmilia, Armin Holzer, Aldo Valmassoi and Niccolò Zarattini in collaboration with The Lepri di Misurina.

Compared to last year’s edition, the participation of high-level athletes has significantly increased, from the German Alexander Schulz to the Polish Jan Galek, as well as various Italians, a sign that this new sport is rapidly spreading in the Italian peninsula.

Thanks to the support of the main sponsors Scarpa and Bailo, numerous highlights enriched the busy week on the peak of Monte Piana: three musical groups, Leverins, C + c = Maxigross and Matahari gave “the A” to the event accompanying the steps of the young Highliners suspended over the void with their music, and creating a really exciting atmosphere in the base camp. For those who felt the need to stretch after the night spent in a sleeping bag, Dominik Baldessari was available to participants every day with the practice of Acroyoga.

On Tuesday, 10th September, the first edition of Scarpa Slack Trail took place. This event was described by the organizers as a fun team contest, it helped to enliven the spirit of all members with team relay races in a mixture of highline, climbing and running. A success beyond all expectation for this new format specifically designed by the A-Team, who entertained all teams participating and created a diversion, thus generating an atmosphere of union and non-competitiveness inside the event. In the relay race, the " 3P team " of the Czech Republic triumphed, by breaking the first record of the circuit, stopping the chronometer at 5'50".

After the distribution of the awards, the Knödel night party together with Bepi Monti, manager of the Carducci mountain hut, kindly offered his trio of tasty “canederli” to all present, but this wasn’t the end yet! The following day, thanks to the collaboration of Ticket to the moon, a manufacturer of technical hammocks, it was possible to make the very first record in hanging the largest possible number of hammocks on the highline, reaching 15 for a total of 17 people. On Saturday, September 14th, a workshop of meditation “In contemplation of the sunset” was held with Marzia del Favero from Cortina. All this was possible thanks to the valuable support of the City of Auronzo di Cadore, the Tourist Association of Auronzo and Misurina, Alpine Rescue of Sesto and all the other technical sponsors such as Landcruising, Autrialpin, Nordica, Orange, Monvic, and businesses such as Panificio Happacher, Seiterhof, Mondolatte Tre cime, Macellerie Sperandio, Kiku, Centro Frutta di Auronzo, Birra Dolomiti and Moser distribuzione bevande.

A big thank you especially goes to friends and volunteers that participated in this Event making it a true success. In short, the second edition of the Highline Meeting Monte Piana, this year transformed the scene of one of the past bloodiest wars in history into a place of peace and encounter. Young people from all over the world were able not only to remember history, but to live together in a mountain setting with a rigorous observance of the environment, in harmony and non‐competitiveness.



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