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Shoes Sizes Conversion Chart

All SCARPA footwear uses Europeansizing, except for the skiing boots.
• 1 Euro whole size = 6.6 mm = 0.26 inches
• 1 US whole size = 8.4 mm = 0.33 inches
• Euro sizes provide a better, more precise fit for your intended use
•Only Ski mountaineering and telemark skiing boots are in MONDOPOINT size.

Upsize (½ sizes) depending on desired fit for mountaineering boots.

For climbing shoes, the choice of downsizing (1 size) depends on the desired fit. In other shoes, you need a gap between the toes and the front of the toe box, which is necessary for walking. In climbing shoes, it is preferable to eliminate gaps, to increase sensitivity and precision when climbing.
You can find other information about it on page "Climbing collection structure".

All SCARPA's ski mountaineering and telemark skiing boots ski measured in Mondo sizing. SCARPA ski boots break on the half size, this means that a half size shares the same shell length as the whole size above it but the liners are lasted for each ½ size. For example, a 25.5 and 26.0 are the same shell size but the respective liners come pre-molded to the half size. Some skiers may want to downsize up to 1 full Mondo size, depending upon personal preference.
You can find other information about it on page "Skimo and telemark boot guide".

Shoe Sisez Conversion Chart | SCARPA


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