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The new Mojito Bio is sustainable not only because it redesigns an iconic product with a particular focus on waste reduction, but above all because it is SCARPA’s first biodegradable footwear, breaking down 10 times faster than an ordinary shoe at the end of its life.

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The Mojito Bio is a landmark product in terms of sustainable production for several key reasons:

- It’s certified 100% biodegradable.

- Developing the shoe entailed considerably simplifying the production processes and making construction less complex. 

-The shoe’s performance and durability remain unaltered.

- Mojito Bio is produced in Italy.

- All the suppliers of raw materials used in the Mojito Bio are certified, in other words they use sustainable practices in terms of manufacture, use of chemicals and protection of employees’ health, safety and working conditions.

SCARPA chose to certify the biodegradable properties of its Mojito Bio with Intertek, a listed company and a leader in the sector. The biodegradability of the materials used in the Mojito Bio is certified to the standard ASTM D5511, which measures the degree of decomposition in the absence of oxygen and in controlled temperature and humidity conditions that duplicate those found in many industrial waste treatment plants.


The MOJITO BIO is a reinterpretation of the original Mojito, with a sustainable slant. The most obvious difference in terms of appearance is the removal of two typical features of the classic Mojito: the rubber toe box and heel. This decision eliminated the usual waste produced by the die-cutting of rubber. The choice of a knitted fabric for the upper is another shift in the same direction, as it prevents any waste during production. The metal eyelets have disappeared, further simplifying the production process. The sole is made of a perfect blend of synthetic and natural rubber.


Upcoming seasons will bring shoes derived from natural sources, and others made using recycled and recyclable materials.

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