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We sustainably create and produce the most innovative footwear, designed to reach any height. We respect mountains, nature and future generations, which is why our design considers the entire life cycle of products, with the aim of creating a circular system.

We systematically research and design solutions and adopt innovative technologies and processes to minimise the consumption of natural resources, reduce waste and negative impacts on the environment.


Respect also means knowing the rules,  certifying excellence with the humility of a quick learner.

SCARPA is committed to outlining its corporate structure with the transparency that has always distinguished us.

The company has been wholly owned, for over 65 years, by the Parisotto family, whose current representatives, Sandro, Cristina and Davide, exercise their control through the holding company Cornaro Holding S.r.l.

Members of the Boards of Directors

- Sandro Parisotto, Chairman >>

- Diego Bolzonello, Chief Executive Officer >>

- Davide Parisotto, Director >>

- Cristina Parisotto, Director >>

- Emilio Vedovato, Independent Director >>

The Board Members in charge, during the last term of office, constantly ensured their presence on all occasions when the Board met.

The code of ethics is a document that represents the declaration of intentions and the company rules to define what constitutes correct action.

It is addressed to all SCARPA's shareholders: employees, clients, partners and suppliers.

It is inspired by the principles of impartiality, fairness, transparency, moral integrity, respect for the environment and human rights, equal treatment, non-discrimination and protection of child labour.

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Being sustainable today means creating a new model of business, to measure and plan exactly the effect in the short and long term of our activities, flanking the industrial plan with a sustainability plan.

SCARPA is making a concrete commitment with numerous activities, aimed at respecting employees and the community, decreasing the impacts of production processes, creating products that are more durable over time and less polluting, providing a circular alternative for the end-of-life management of footwears, and experimenting with totally recycled and certified materials.

The Smart report aims to illustrate some of the initiatives implemented to date and foreshadow commitments for years to come.

Ethical marketing policy

This document integrates our Ethical Code and Green Manifesto, defining the standards we apply to every marketing initiative of ours.

We understand the responsibility that our role as communicators imposes on us, and we meticulously adhere some principles to ensure that our message is accurate, transparent and respectful to our audience.

Ethicality, inclusivity and relationship with athletes and the community to promote a healthy lifestyle are the core elements on which our communication is based.

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Transparency, which encompasses awareness of potential risks related to the use of chemical materials, is one of SCARPA's primary objectives.

We recognize that the responsible application of chemistry can drive the development of high-performance products while reducing the environmental impact and its effects on people.

We submit all our materials to strict compliance processes and collaborate closely with our suppliers to monitor and minimize the use of hazardous chemicals across our supply chain.

We have also adopted the AFIRM RSL as our internal standard for managing restricted substances in our products.

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Fondi Europei

SCARPA trains its employees through a project financed by the Veneto Region and European Social Funds on the theme: "Human-centric organization in a context of innovative spaces".

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The SAFE project plans to carry out a series of innovative and coordinated Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities aimed at transforming business systems and making them capable of intercepting and asserting new consumption patterns and new needs: safety, digital transformation, product-service integration, sustainability, well-being.

Specifically, the activities will be focused on: the development of wearable electronic devices through wearable and Iot technologies; the conversion of ideation, visualization, design, production and marketing processes into the virtual sphere through the combination of CAD, FEM and 3D PRINTing methods; the use of innovative materials and nanotechnologies; the design of technologies, additives and tools for active and passive product sanitization; the development of eco-sustainable products; and the development of new business, enterprise and design models, linked to the evolution of behavioral patterns and new lifestyles and consumption.

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